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Food Safety

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our customers while producing high quality meat products is a priority that our entire processing family shares. Our goal is not to simply meet, but exceed, all USDA, NOP, and OTCO regulatory standards for meat processing and food safety. Food Safety, commonly called Quality Assurance (QA), is a cooperative team effort between the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), in-plant QA personnel and our entire production staff. Both facilities have customized Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans that are implemented and validated by our trained HACCP team and monitored by the USDA. USDA personnel, including a USDA Veterinarian, are on site at all times during processing to ensure the health of the animal and wholesomeness of the product, in accordance with FSIS food safety standards.

In order to achieve the rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control standards set forth by the USDA and our food safety team, we have developed a series of food safety systems tailored for each facility by critically assessing all possible hazards that could lead to pathogen growth. These food safety programs include prevention and intervention protocols, standard sanitation operating procedures, good manufacturing practices and testing programs to produce a wholesome and high quality product. Examples of our modern intervention systems include, but are not limited to: steam vacuum cleaning systems and thermal wash cabinets for carcasses, organic acid sprays, and a metal detection process step when producing value added products. Our raw materials and facilities are tested on a regular basis for bacteria, including harmful pathogens.

In addition, we have an onsite independent lab, IEH, that conducts all aspects of food safety and product analysis testing. Having an onsite lab expedites the turnaround time for test results and allows our product to enter commerce within 8 hours.

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