Bartels Farms

Audits, Organic Certificates & Livestock Producer Affidavits


Bartels Farms is inspected annually for food safety and animal welfare by third party experts, including NSF International who perform the most thorough and actionable food safety audits for processing facilities with "best in class" auditors; National Sanitation Foundation and Food Safety Net Services Certification and Audit, LLC which offer testing, auditing, consulting, training, and research services on a global level and are highly regarded food quality and safety resources; and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) that requires the creation of an Organic System Plan that becomes the foundation of organic certification and is reviewed annually for compliance with record keeping, pest and disease management practices, and the methods Bartels Farms uses to prevent contamination. Bartels Farms has consistently scored above the 90th percentile on all audits.


Bartels Farms has obtained Level II Food Safety and Food Quality certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for Safe Quality Food (SQF). This difficult-to-obtain threshold starts with a commitment from the highest level of the executive team, and involves each and every employee in our company. GFSI/SQF certification is considered to be the "gold standard" of food safety and food quality programs, and has become a primary focus of our leadership and production teams.

Organic Certificates

Livestock producers of organic cattle must have a valid organic certificate that certifies that both the cropland the cattle are raised on and the cattle are 100% organic. For cattle to be considered 100% organic, they must be raised on organic milk and feed from 3 months in utero and throughout their life cycle. As an Organic Processor, Bartels Farms is also issued an Organic Certificate and is publicly available.

Producer Affidavits for 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef

Producers of 100% grass fed natural cattle must adhere to Bartels Farms 100% Grass Fed Natural Beef Program that outlines strict requirements for raising 100% grass fed natural animals and must sign a legal affidavit attesting that they have met those requirements for each lot or group of cattle that arrive for harvesting at our facility.

For a complete understanding of our process, see this booklet.

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