Bartels Farms
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Bartels Farms is a vertically integrated meat company that achieves 100% full traceability from farm to table by means of clear separation of 100% Grass Fed Natural cattle/beef and Certified Organic cattle/beef throughout each process step. Quality control and quality assurance procedures are in place to ensure optimum food safety and consistent quality of the process and products. Read More

Grass Fed Natural Beef

Bartels Farms 100% Grass Fed Natural (GFN) beef is a premium line of fresh beef from cattle raised on lush pastures of the Pacific Northwest. Cattle are selected for the Bartels Farms GFN Program on the basis of their size, conformation and quality, then finished with a premium proprietary blend of grass pellets from the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Read More

Certified Organic Beef

Bartels Farms is one of the largest organic beef processors in the United States. Our products are produced locally in the Willamette Valley, but sold throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Bartels Farms purchases organic cattle from farms and ranches in 7 western states. All cattle come from farms/ranches that are Certified Organic and meet the stingent standards set forth by the National Organic Program. Read More